Breaking Issue - Missing Project File


I just tried to download and run your Stable release and found it crashing with a Null-Reference error, similar to the individual in your negative review.

I downloaded the source, opened the .csproj and noticed that a filters.xml is missing from the project. Once I deleted that file reference and built the app everything worked fine.

Please consider including either including this file or removing it from the project.


gomski wrote Sep 5, 2014 at 12:34 AM

The Exception is not related to the missing filter.xml file!

I have got the same error message even without the filter.xml file.

The problem was that my service was not reachable because it needs authentication. After I have turned off my auth layer to enable the util to load the metadata without auth, anything was working as expected.

So when facing this issue be sure that the given metadata url is working. You can use fiddler to see what the request from the jaysvcutil is returning.